Fundraising at Roger Ascham Primary School, UK

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This was written by Sandra, a WTMY volunteer in the UK. Sandra speaks about the decision from her students to raise money to help people affected but he earthquake in Nepal.


“It involved Year 6 children from Roger Ascham Primary School, in the borough of Waltham Forest, London. The starting point was the class discussion about Nepal and the effects the earthquake has had on its people. Children at school are used to raising money for various causes. It was their idea to organise a cake sale.

The school provided the ingredients and kids baked and decorated cupcakes and biscuits during a whole afternoon. They designed posters to advertise the event, persuading children from other classes to buy cakes during playtime – 10 to 11.15 am. They suggested the possible prices. Everything (plus extra biscuits that we had in my cupboard!) was sold out in 15 minutes!

After that, during a maths lesson, they counted the profit – £ 285.68.

We were all very thrilled. It was a great experience.”


Thankyou Sandra and your students for the fantastic fundraising.

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WTMY Rhino’s

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Recently, WTMY started an informal football (soccer) team at the community centre in Nepal which has had wonderful outcomes for children and young people to get active and come together in a fun and safe activity. After the first earthquake on April 25th many of the young people were frightened to be inside buildings as they had been severely damaged and the continual aftershocks made those that were still standing an ominous reminder of what could happen. Football became a way for them to feel safe, productive and forgot about their loss and trauma even for a little while. When the second earthquake struck on May 12th WTMY’s football team was able to huddle together safely outdoors as they were in the middle of a match.

Meanwhile, a young teenager in Sydney had left his football gear on a train a couple of weeks after the initial earthquake. The rule of his club as set by his manager was that the team will replace the lost kit, but only if the young player makes a donation to a charity of their choosing. Jackie’s mum is a social worker in Sydney and has been a supporter of WTMY for a long time. She along with her husband made the decision to put in an extra donation to supplement Jackie’s donation if he decided to use WTMY as the charity to donate to. Jackie’s footy gear is worth around $100, and he was able to donate $70, so his parents took the donation up to $200 in total.

After relaying this story of lost footy gear to our team in Nepal, we decided it was a great opportunity to build connections between young people in Sydney and Nepal through sport. Thanks to Jackie’s football team and his parents we decided that we could use this donation to make a big impact for our start up football team in Nepal. With the cost of one Australian footy kit, we can now formalise a whole team in Nepal, by buying t-shirts and shorts for our young team.

The young people in Nepal are so excited by this and have started to brainstorm names for their team. It has given them something to feel proud about and something to look forward to and be excited for, something, earthquake or not, that street young people don’t get many opportunities to experience.

We will need to purchase shoes, a goal to practise scoring and some more balls for drills and training. It would be ideal to have some training camps and professional sessions for them to really develop their skills as well.

WTMY is excited about the opportunity to demonstrate once again how powerful it can be to inspire young people and give them opportunities by enabling them own to build on their strengths. Our community centre provides opportunities for children and young people to become involved in different activities to help them to realise these possibilities.

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Welcome To My Yard: Annual Report 2012-2013

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Dear friends,

Boy standing on bucket cleaning a windowWe are proud to share the Welcome To My Yard (WTMY) Annual Report 2012- 2013. This is a summary of our work, our achievements, challenges, activities and funding efforts throughout the preceding year.

Download: WTMY Annual Report 2012-2013

Our second year has been a successful but yet challenging year. It was a year of really focusing on building foundations in the community and building our team in Nepal.  It has been a pleasure putting this annual report together as it gives us that opportunity to reflect on the years activities. It reminded us that no matter the challenges we face as a new under resourced organisation, we are headed in the right direction and going from strength to strength since we registered in 2011.

We also would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our donors, supporters and friends for the continued financial support, practical advice and positive encouragement throughout the year, this really motivates us to put in those extra hours and continue to work harder. We hope that we have shown in the report just how much we can achieve in partnership with the street community with your ongoing support.

From everyone at WTMY thank you and happy reading.

Click on picture below to read the interactive Annual Report online. 

If you would like to be sent a copy via email or post, please do not hesitate to contact us

SIGN UP: Welcome To My Yard’s October Challenge 2014

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Boy standing next to a chalk drawing of a mountain and house

Welcome To My Yard’s October Challenge 2014! 

Calling all challengers to SHARE & SIGN UP!

Clear your calendar – It’s going down! Welcome To My Yard’s October Challenge 2014 kicks off on October 1st, and you’re invited to take part in the fun. People from around the world are coming together to do a month of fun challenges for a great cause. 

What is it!

It so simple, in fact it won’t cost you anything extra.  Challenge yourself by giving up or cutting back on something you regularly spend money on,  then donate what you save. Last year people cut back on takeaway food, weekly alcohol , coffee, chocolates,  public transport, cut down on the weekly shopping and more.

What is it for?

Welcome To My Yard is an innovative social enterprise partnering with Nepali street children and young people to help them create better futures. Children and young people living and working on the streets are some of the most vulnerable children in the world and we think that they deserve better.  WTMY is making a difference  through fun activities, emotional support, health support, bite size education, vocational training, a street saving scheme and more!

Where is the money going?

The money raised this year will go towards keeping our street community centre open for one whole year!

How much do you want to raise?

This year we want to double last years target. Ambitious? Definitely!

Our target  is  $4,000 / £2,250

Volunteer Blog: Let Me Show You What I Can Do

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ImageWhen nobody gives you a chance you never have an opportunity to show your worth, to prove your value and demonstrate your importance.

Even the smallest chores can become a pathway to building this self-confidence.

And that’s why the young people and children at the centre are encouraged and expected to help clean and tidy if they cook or make a mess during class. It’s their place, and they are partly responsible for it.

There is currently a battle raging between these two little ones, who fight over who is cleaning the best, who will use the broom and who gets to stand on the stool to reach the harder to clean spots. They are so eager to show you what they can do, to prove that they are worthy of praise, after helping cook lunch they washed all the dishes, cleaned the bathroom and then cleaned all the chairs, windows, cupboards and fridge (twice), yelling at the older children to stop making more mess.

Who would have ever thought that children as young as 8 and 9 would fight over who will clean the window?

Nepal, always keeping it real.


If you are keen to know more about volunteering with Welcome To My Yard go to our website

Hannah volunteer blog. Certainty

December 4, 2013 3 comments
Hannah working alongside WTMY's outreach worker

Hannah working alongside WTMY’s outreach worker


by Hannah Westcott

Being unsure and uncertain come pretty naturally to me. I always seem to be on the edge of these feelings. I spend ages mulling things over in my head, planning for something then doing the complete opposite. Coming here to Nepal wasn’t like that. I chose to come here as easily as you would choose to have toast or cereal for breakfast. Actually I guess the decision wasn’t really that clean cut. I had been mulling over travelling again for months, I was considering a lot of things, leaving my job, studying, travelling, working; the lot. So that the process didn’t take too long I drew on a lot of things I had been told and read about, and then made the snap decision that come hell or high water, I would go to Nepal, to do…something. Choosing specifically to volunteer with WTMY was as clean cut as choosing vegemite toast for breakfast. Once I saw what the organization was doing, and I spoke to somebody at the organisation, I knew this was it. I just had to convince them to take me right?!

What is it about WTMY that stood out from the other organizations I had looked at? This is a retrospective analysis, because when I found them, after months of fruitless searching it just clicked. I didn’t really need to think at all, I just said “yes, this is what I will do.” I can say that speaking directly to one of the directors gave me a good feel. Hearing his enthusiasm and passion for the project also made me feel enthused and passionate about the organisation. Other things like being urged to fundraise and not just ‘donate’ helped me to feel more dedicated to the programs, I sensed a high degree of transparency, nothing was sugar-coated for my benefit, and it was a real chance to get involved with something that needed help, it wasn’t just a big money making scheme.When you recognize something in an organization, the ideals that you have been searching for in others, it almost seems to be screaming out to you, “I’m here notice me”!

I’m so thrilled to be here and working with the team at WTMY. It truly is a great team. I have felt so welcomed and have been able to be involved instantly. Here’s to the next couple of months!

Volunteering is hard.

It’s not all smiles and singing nursery rhymes. Making well thought out plans and executing them with military precision and everyone learns everything.

You have to have a tough skin, be flexible and accept that people may not want to know you, let alone work with you.

I have worked in similar situations before and so this doesn’t phase me. I know that I can plan a really great activity, fastidiously organize everything I need, only to have an empty classroom, or a disinterested group of people.

It takes time to develop relationships, and even then sometimes people don’t want to come. They want to work, or sit by the river with their friends, lie under the shade of a tree or walk into town to buy some treats.

For me, working out the difference between these wants and needs, and learning, encouraging and just being there where I can is the best thing I can do. Showing an interest in people, rather than just showing your own agenda, even if it is a class or activity for their own benefit, is the best way to build relationships. It’s about sowing seeds for the future, building trust and developing a relationship.

This is precisely the journey I have been on so far. There aren’t always a lot of students and sometimes they are too shy to talk or engage. But by sitting and playing games with them, trying to speak the tiniest bit of Nepali and showing small bits of kindness, slowly the children open up more and drop by for some down time at the centre. Its nice just to spend time with them, to be able to give them a space where they can feel safe and comfortable…to just be.


Climbing day

Climbing day

I am so scared of heights. Like not just a little bit scared, but scared to the point where if I think about it too much, just being 1 floor up on the edge of a building, even if it has a railing will make me shake and swallow hard with fear.

I am an absolute chicken. I can’t help it, its my nature.

So when we went on a climbing activity with the children and young people from WTMY, I continually said no, and made excuses as people asked me if I wanted to climb.  I did want to climb. I think it would be fun. But I know that once I’m halfway up, I’ll start to think about coming down, and that looking down, the long drop beneath, will scare the absolute hell out of me.

The children were having a wonderful time, scaling the walls without a care in the world. Not scared to fall, they tumbled onto the mats of the smaller climbing wall, jumping back up and swinging onto the walls as if they had been doing it all their lives. Strong and lean they would pull themselves up and over ledges, racing each other to the top. The less sure children fell over and over again, laughing and rolling around with glee. When they attempted the ‘big’ climbing wall, strapped into harnesses, their eagerness wasn’t extinguished and they climbed as strong and sure as before. They were so confident and happy that a blindfolded race to the top began. Shouting and calling out their support, those on the ground couldn’t contain their excitement as they watched their friends fumble and struggle to the top. No less afraid of the height of the wall they were scaling.

I was so impressed, so proud of them, the way they put aside any fear or doubt and embraced the activity. I hope that maybe on the next climbing trip I will have the confidence to try it, maybe even blindfolded, then I won’t see how high up I am.

Hannah running 1:1 vocational training

Hannah running 1:1 vocational training

If you, like Hannah are interested in volunteering follow the link and check out WTMY’s volunteer opportunities

Welcome To My Yard’ Volunteer Opportunities 

Partnership & Participation is Everything

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Children receiving certificate

Young People’s Interview Panel Receives Certificates

WTMY builds young people’s interview panel. By Sarah. 

children and young people planning joining in a workshopWTMY is growing! Thanks the generosity and kindness of a family in Sydney, we will shortly be taking on an Outreach Key Worker for one year. Until now, unbelievably all our achievements have been down to a team of dedicated Nepalese and International volunteers (including WTMY Directors) and one very passionate and hard working Programme’s Manager Purnima (above). WTMY thinks long and hard about ways in which we can build genuine partnerships and involvement with the community we support and we thought, ‘what better time to do it than asking them to help select our new member of staff!’ We decided to build a interview panel of older and younger members of the community (male and female) to represent the communities views and wishes. First, the panel of four participated in a workshop to think about what being an interviewer does and what kinds of skills and qualities a new support worker needs to have in order to provide quality support to the community. One panel member commented

“I felt good as I liked being part of the administrative side of WTMY and also to meet new people. I was a bit nervous at  first but Purnima mam made me feel more comfortable”.

They also thought about how they would like to interview the candidates and came up with creative ways in which to interview them. WTMY was so impressed with their innovation and ideas!

Young people's interview panel are interviewing candidates

The panel interviewed the three final candidates finding out more about each candidate and asking them a mix of questions such as ‘how they feel about working with street communities’ . The panel were looking for how the candidates spoke with them because being treated with respect was very important to everyone. The panel then asked (and we think this is the most ingenious bit) each candidate to provide an activity as part of the interview. One candidate was asked to teach the children and young people a song and dance with English words, another was asked to teach maths for the bag making ladies, and the young people asked the final candidate to do drama with them based on ‘the importance of education’. The young people might just be the toughest interview panel anyone might have to face! Both the candidates and the children and young people did such a fantastic job.
The young people’s panel might just be the toughest interview panel that anyone has had to face in an interview!
After the interviews the panel sat down and reflected on their interviews weighing up each ones strengths, which was then fed back to the WTMY team, it was a really close call between each candidate! We are happy to say that we did recruit someone and we are looking forward to welcoming them in the next few weeks. and `WTMY will announce them in the next newsletter. Needless to say we were super proud of the children and young people who took part in the panel and they were given certificates on the day to say thank you.  One of the young people said

“I was excited because I got a chance to meet with new people and felt like an employee for a day with WTMY. On the day I also got to join in a maths class, dance and drama which was great fun!”.

We think that this is how you build genuine partnerships and trust  and we feel very privileged and honoured to be part of such an incredible community.